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BreatheCLEAN Bulbs
[7900-215 Bulb Set]

Free Shipping!

BreatheCLEAN Bulbs - Twin Pack

Replacement bulbs for the BreatheCLEAN Total Home Air Purifier.

Bulbs should be replaced yearly for maximum performance.

Although the "blue" light is still glowing the efficiency of the bulb diminishes over time.  By replacing them annually you will maintain the highest effectiveness in killing airborne mold, viruses, bacteria and mites from the air you and your family are inhaling.

A word of caution:  You can find this same style of bulb all over the Internet, but be warned that BreatheCLEAN bulbs are specially designed for your UV Air Cleaner system. 

Using bulbs other then the factory spec bulbs will result in an ozone odor and may cause adverse health effects.  BreatheCLEAN bulbs do not produce any ozone smell.

Using bulbs other then factory bulbs will VOID your BreatheCLEAN Units warranty.

This price is for two (2) twin filament bulbs.  A complete replacement set of bulbs for your BreatheCLEAN system.

Item - 7900-215

Notice:  Alaska and Hawaii shipments. 

Additional shipping charges may be required.  

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