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Canine Dry Nose Cream
Minimum Qty: 3


Canine Dry Nose Cream


Does your dog suffer from dry nose?

Try our Cann-Ease if your dog suffers from dry or cracked nose.

This is the same nasal moisturizer we supply to human patients that use oxygen and its GREAT for pets.

All ingredients are safe and will not cause any effect if the dog licks its nose with the cream on it. Here's what the manufacturer says about this great cream:

"Over many years, the ingredients in Cann-Ease have been tested individually for oral toxicity in animals and indirectly in humans (eg. reports of people ingesting various quantities of the ingredients inadvertently). The quantity of each ingredient in one tube will cause no ill effects in animals or humans. The two main ingredients are taken orally by humans all of the time in such products as syrups (hydroxyethylcellusose) and in health food products (Aloe Vera). The balance of the ingredients has been shown to be safe in many types of foods and cosmetics such as lip balms, etc. The FDA lists all of the ingredients as GRAS-"generally regarded as safe"

Do your buddy a favor get a tube today!

Forget the rumors - watch out for the myths.  The truth is:  a wet nose is the norm for a dog! 
Unlike other parts of the body, the dog nose does not need any cleaning or taking care of. A dog's nose is usually cool and moist, but a warm, dry nose is not necessarily a reason for concern. A warm, dry dog nose can be a problem only if there are other characteristics associated with it, such as cracked skin, scabs or open sores with changes in the color of the nose. Dogs can also be prone to sunburn on their noses which can lead to skin cancer. A dog owner should pay attention to any physical changes in their dog's nose.
There are a few theories as to why the moisture exists. Some will say it helps cool the dog, others  argue it helps make the dog more sensitive to smell.  And yet others may say that dogs simply lick their noses with their tongues that will result in a wet nose.
Aside from the explanations, a folk tale tracing back to Noah's Ark explains why dogs have wet noses. 
According to the story, when God flooded the world all life on the planet was inside of Noah's ark. Well, Noah chose two dogs to constantly patrol the ark in order to check on the other animals. One day they  apparently noticed a coin-sized leak and water was rushing in rapidly. One dog ran for help and the other stuck his nose inside the hole to plug it.  When Noah and his sons finally arrived to repair the hole, the dog was gasping for breath, having been the hero of a potential disaster. 

Thus began the tale of the dog's wet nose.  Remember this: a dog's moist nose is the norm.

Item - CE- 1oz. Tube

NOTE: This is the same item as our Cann-Ease Nasal Moisturizer

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Minimum Qty: 3

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