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Vacurect 1002 OTC VED Pump

Free Shipping!

Bonro Vacurect 1002 OTC VED Pump

The Bonro Vacurect uses the most modern technology in vacuum erectile therapy (VED) available today!

This erection pump is exceptionally easy to use.

No batteries, no external pump! Very compact and quick!

The 1002 model does not require a prescription.

Regardless of the cause of erectile dysfunction (ED), the Vacurect is successful in creating and maintaining an erection 96% of the time. There are no side effects when using the Vacurect.  It's safe because unlike medications or surgery, the Vacurect uses only natural erection processes.  With the Vacurect you control when, how long, and how often you want to be intimate.  

The Vacurect produces an erection suitable for intercourse in less than 60 seconds!

The Vacurect is a one piece, efficient, easy to use, compact erectile dysfunction pump.  Vacurect is the first and only system that allows you to enjoy the benefits of Vacuum Erection Therapy without the drawbacks. With the Vacurect there is no need for a battery operated pump head. Other traditional vacuum pumps require the addition of a manual pump head or battery operated pump head. This system is all-in-one, meaning that the vacuum device is built into the tube.

This product meets FDA standards for Over-the-Counter vacuum therapy devices.
Additional tension systems and system oil may be purchased separately.

Bonro Vacurect physical dimensions inside of the vacuum tube:
Length: 8" total inside length
Diameter: 1¾" at the entrance end
Max Circumference: 5½"

Package Includes:
• Bonro Vacurect Pump Model 1002
• Storage Pouch
• 5 Different Sizes of Tension Systems (to view sizes included click here to go to our Tension Ring Page)
• Personal Lubricant – 2 oz.
• Simple User Instructions
• This product carries a 1 year Warranty on the Vacuum unit against defects.

Optional - Light Silicone Oil for the pump.

This package only includes a 2oz. sample of lubricant. 
We strongly suggest you purchase a tube of our

Slippery Stuff

Slippery Stuff with this unit will
save you shipping cost later!


Yes - We can ship this item to a P.O. Box !

Due to hygiene concerns, this item is non-returnable.

Click here to view all Vacurect packages and accessories.

Item: Vacurect Model 1002                                                       

Product Manual: view
Printable Page

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