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Airial Voyager Rechargeable Battery for MQ5500, MQ5300
Airial Voyager Rechargable Battery
Item Number: MQ5311

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Item Number: MQ5311



Airial Voyager Rechargable Battery for MQ5500, MQ5300

Replacement Lithium Ion battery pack for the Airial Voyager MQ5500 and MQ5300 portable compressor nebulizer. The battery pack provides backup power for Asthma treatments, COPD treatments and other respiratory breathing treatments when there is no AC Power.

Using the Battery Pack:
Your Portable Compressor Nebulizer can operate with the use of a rechargeable battery when AC power is not available. The life of the battery is approximately 2 years. However, battery life will vary depending on usage, storage, and charging conditions.

  1. First, remove the skid resistant rubber base.
  2. Install the battery pack to the bottom of the unit. With the unit on its side and the Open/Lock button facing up, press and hold the Open/Lock button and slide the battery away from you to engage. Release the Open/Lock button.
  3. Place the rubber skid resistant base into your carry case for storage and later use.
  4. Press power switch to begin your prescribed treatment.

Charging the battery pack:
To charge the battery, plug the adapter into the AC Port on the Battery. Charging Time: 2 - 4 Hours
Note: A red battery light shows that the battery is being charged. If the light changes from red to green during charging, it indicates the battery is fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, unplug the adapter from the battery


  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Operating time: Approximately 60 minutes
  • Number of treatments per charge: Approximately 6-8
  • Charging time: 2 - 4 hours
  • 2 years Factory Warranty

Item: MQ5311

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