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SPO2 Finger Oximeter
SPO2 Finger Oximeter
Item Number: MQ3000

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Item Number: MQ3000
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Finger Pulse Oximeter MQ3000

A great choice for a small lightweight spot-check finger pulse oximeter. Measures both blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

Nurses and caregivers love this oximeter! The neck lanyard allows for safe and convenient transport. This small finger oximeter has a large easy to read LED display with a simple single button operation for quick readings.

Our finger oximeter is a great choice for the sports and aviation markets. This lightweight, inexpensive monitor is the right choice for measuring SPO2 oxygen saturation and heart rate during physical activity or high-altitude activities.

This finger pulse oximeter will monitor SPO2 and heart rate during most physical activities. After a little experimenting with various movements, athletes quickly learn how to use the oximeter in almost any activity.

Pilots love this oximeter because it allows them to quickly assess their SPO2 while flying at high altitudes. Hypoxia can be a pilots worst enemy. This low-cost product will give them peace of mind.

  • Features:
  • Ideal for Medical, Aviation, Sports, Mountain Climbers, Walkers.
  • For both Adults and Pediatric use
  • Approved for MEDICAL USE by the FDA
  • LED Viewing Screen with Pulse Rate, SPO2 and Bar Graph
  • Low Battery Life Indicator
  • 2 Display Modes - 10 Levels of Brightness
  • Simple Operation for immediate, real-time spot-checks
  • Can be used outdoors, in high altitudes, at high & low temperatures
  • Reliable Accuracy and Durability
  • Automatic power off after 8 seconds
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Display Type: Digital LED
  • LED Display: 2 Display Modes
  • 10-Levels of brightness; default is level 4
  • SPO2: Measurement range: 0-99%
  • Accuracy: 70%-99% ± 3% / 0%-69% no definition
  • Pulse Display Range: 0-254 BPM
  • Pulse Measure Range: 30-235 BPM
  • Pulse Accuracy: 30-99bpm +/- 2bpm / 100-235bpm +/- 2%
  • Pulse Intensity: Bar Graph Indication
  • Power Requirements: 2-AAA alkaline Batteries
  • Battery life 30 hours of continuous use
  • Weight: 1-3/4 ounces - including 2-AAA batteries

Item : MQ3000

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