Cann Ease Information

Cann Ease Nasal Moisturizer

Hospital Preferred Nasal Moisturizer.

The ORIGINAL nasal moisturizing gel.

Works on contact to provide immediate relief.

Alleviates irritation caused by friction from Cannula or Nasal interface.

A hypoallergenic, clear gel that is non-greasy and non-odorous.

Water based moisturizer that does not contain oils, scents, artificial colors, petroleum based products, silicones or emulsifiers.

May also be used to treat dry nasal passages caused by low humidity, nasal drying medications, and allergy remedies.

Registered with the FDA.

GREAT product for CPAP and Oxygen patients!

Cann-Ease is the finest product available for any person who suffers from nasal irritation due to the effects of oxygen therapy via nasal cannula or CPAP / BIPAP masks, humidity, allergy, or sickness. In addition, Cann-Ease is safe to use on dry, chapped lips too.

Dr. Tony E. Jones and Respiratory Physicians at one of the top respiratory hospitals in the nation located in Denver, CO, developed Cann-Ease Nasal Moisturizing Gel. Dr. Jones has a reputation of developing products that are safe and effective. Other products Dr. Jones has formulated include Blistex, Clearasil, Ivarest, Kanka, and Foille. There are many others.

Typical hospital, nursing home and home remedies for nasal dryness include KY Jelly and Saline Spray, Vaseline, and other products on the market that claim to treat nasal dryness. Although KY Jelly and Saline Spray provide immediate relief and are safe to use, they do not provide adequate protection for long-term care. Products such as Vaseline or those that contain petroleum are categorically not recommended by the Respiratory Community, and the other products that claim to be effective for nasal dryness are risky to use and do not provide the benefits of Cann-Ease Nasal Moisturizer.

Cann-Ease provides immediate and long-term relief. In addition, Cann-Ease is the safest product of its kind and the only product that can make all of the claims that follow. For example, some products may provide immediate relief and be water-soluble but provide no long-term attributes. Some may provide immediate relief and contain ingredients for long-term care, but may sting when applied and contain oils, fragrances, or food coloring.

Cann-Ease Nasal Moisturizing Gel attributes:

Immediate Relief
Water Based Gel – Leaves no residue – Safe to use
Aloe Vera Gel – Known for its soothing properties
pH Balanced – Isotonic formula will not sting sensitive tissue when applied

Long Term Relief
ill promote natural tissue repair
Allantoin – Known for the positive effects on damaged tissue
Propylene Glycol – Retain moisture deep in the tissue and provides a barrier to friction.
d-Pantethenol – A precursor to pantothenic acid – Vitamin B5, aids in healing damaged skin.
pH Balanced – Buffer Pair keeps the pH of the skin neutral to pH changes.

Water-Based Gel – Normal breathing causes the cilia to move, exciting the muscles at the base of the cilia to excrete mucous. Water-insoluble ingredients like dimethicone and organic oils found in other products paralyze the muscles at the base of the cilia and normal mucous excretion is interrupted

Oil and Petroleum Free
Products that contain oils or petroleum based compounds that are water-insoluble pose a risk of a patient developing Lipoid Pneumonia should the oil molecules reach the lung.

Fragrance Free
Cann-Ease will not cause an allergic reaction to a fragrance

No Coloring
Cann-Ease will not cause an allergic reaction to a food dye

No Sticky Residue
Cann-Ease does not leave a sticky residue in the nose. This is best demonstrated by applying equal amounts of Cann-Ease and other nasal moisturizers or KY Jelly to a mirror. Allow each product to dry completely and notice the residue other products leave in the nose. Cann-Ease ingredients are practically invisible, rejuvenate with moisture, and best of all, are effective!

Not just for nasal passages
Intensive Care Units for adults and infants may safely apply Cann-Ease to dry lips. Most lip balms contain petroleum products. Because Cann-Ease is water-soluble, it is safe to use.

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