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FreedomAlert / Freedom Alert Medical Alert Phone Personal Emergency Device Version F7

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Is Your Loved One Protected?

Freedom Alert Can Provide The Personal Security You're After

Rest Easy Knowing Your Loved One Will Be Safe
When They Are Protected With This Device

The NEW and IMPROVED "DECT 1.9Ghz" Version F7 is here!

Do you have an elderly loved one that you worry about?

If so, you should consider purchasing a product such as this medical alert phone. With this emergency alert phone device, your loved one can get in contact with you or with anyone else in a matter of seconds.

Unlike other emergency contact products, it allows your loved ones to contact more than just 911. In fact, you can program it to contact a neighbor, a friend, or even a relative. Program up to 4 phone numbers, 911 emergency personal can still be used as a backup. Freedom Alert could be the lifeline that saves your loved ones life!

Includes a 24 hour battery backup in case of power outage. Freedom Alert comes complete with everything you need for total protection. You can also purchase additional pendants, your base station handle up to 4 additional Speakerphone pendants!

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