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OxyTyke Pediatric Mask - OT-1025-8

OxyTyke Pediatric Mask - OT-1025-8

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OxyTyke Pediatric Mask with 7 Foot Tubing - OT-1025-8

OxyTyke Pediatric Mask is suitable for children 6 months to 3 years old (16 lbs to 33 lbs)

It is the "One Mask" from admission to discharge.

The ONLY mask that can supply oxygen at low flow. This mask works great for patients that use oxygen concentrators.

Flow Rate - 0.25 liter per min. - 6+ liter per min.
FiO2 - 22% to 65%

This unique product can be used to replace Nasal Cannulas, Simple Masks, Partial Rebreathing Masks, and Non-rebreathing Masks.

OxyMask's logical advantages:

  • The only O2 therapy device to deliver FiO2 of 22% - 65%
  • Can be utilized to deliver High Flow O2 Therapy up to 40L/min.
  • Eliminates CO2 rebreathing.
  • Allows open communication with the patient.
  • Designed for nose and mouth breathers.
  • Convenient swivel elbow to reposition tubing.
  • Naso Gastric tube can be threaded through OxyMask.
  • Allows for suctioning & oral care through the mask
  • Does not contain natural rubber latex or phthalates such as DEHP
  • First Open Oxygen System - patent pending
Product User Manual

NOTE: Due to hygiene reasons, once the package is opened, the item is non-returnable.

Oxymasks come in 4 different sizes. Tyke, Kids Standard, and Large

The Standard and Large Oxymasks (25% larger than standard) come in 2 options:
Single string behind your head
Dual strings that go behind the ear

The OxyTyke and the Kids Oxymasks come in 1 option:
Single String behind your head

OxyMask Standard

OxyMask Plus

OxyMask Kid

OxyMask Tyke

NOTE: Due to hygiene reasons, once the package is opened, the item is non-returnable.

Item : OT-1025-8


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