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Love it

Works a lot faster

Great product!

Well thought out nebulizer and handset! Easy to use and care for.

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In a word: PHENOMENAL!

I am diagnosed with Stage B, borderline Stage C, COPD due to advanced emphysema. I also have difficulty breathing through my nose at times due to multiple deviated septum occurances. As a result I regularly experience Nocturnal Hypoxemia with occasional dangerously low O2 saturation levels while sleeping. My pulmonologist prescribed nighttime low volume oxygen therapy about two years ago to aid in this. I use a home oxygen concentrator for O2 supply at 2 Lpm volume.

Before the O2, I used to wake up in the morning so groggy it felt like a bad hangover for a couple hours. My energy level was unbearably low as well.

While the O2 did help somewhat, it changed my sleeping habits allowing me longer protracted periods of deep sleep using a standard nasal cannula. However, overnight oximetry was still showing unacceptable periods of O2 sats and the positive results weren't consistent. I logically attributed this to times when I couldn't breathe through my nose and was mouth-breathing instead.

After discussing the issue with my Dr, he recommended I use a face mask for O2 delivery in place of the nasal cannula. I tried several masks in both non-rebreather and rebreather styles and they all made matters worse, some much worse!

Then, through internet research, I found the OxyMask and its design was intriguing and really made sense to me. The first one I used was the OM1125-8, the standard size, one elastic style, and I was very pleased and impressed with the results. My first overnight oximeter report showed zero events less than 92% O2S. However, that soon changed as I got accustomed to using it. I found the mask was a little small for my long face and the one elastic didn't hold it in place well. I continued to wake up at night short of breath with the mask fallen down around my neck or off my head entirely from sliding up(I'm an active mover during sleep).

After more thought, research and reading other's reviews, I decided to try the OP1425-8, the large mask with two ear loops, to see if that would solve the minor remaining issues. It worked phenominally!

I did raise my O2 supply volume 1/2 Lpm as was recommended in comments for this type of mask. I also reconfigured the two ear loop elastics, one to stretch around my neck as a lower band and the other around my head above my ears as an upper band. I found the mask was more comfortable and remained in place more securely all through the night.

I will bring the mask with me to the next appointment with my pulmonologist and see what he has to say about the OxyMask but I, as one of many, couldn't be more pleased with this innovative mask!

I'm extremely pleased to say, my nighttime 02 Sat problems are 100% solved! I can honestly say the OxyMask has dramtically changed my life! I sleep all the way through the night and my waking energy level is very much improved! Thank you, Southmedic for designing and producing an awesome solution for all of us mouth-breathers! I can't give a higher recommendation for this product.

Home nebulizer

Very pleased with your product. Very prompt delivery. And price was phenomenal. Thank you I had been paying $23 a month rental from a medical supply store since February I could have bought 3. Glad I found your company.

DeVillbiss traveler

It is exactly what I was looking for.... thank you

Prone max

The best machine for COPD users

I have this nebulizer wanted another fiousor a back up . I have used other ones but really prefer the strength of the Pari Vios. Feel I get a much better breathing treatment

Maintains Intamacy

This product really works. I have used this product for the last 15 years with great satisfaction for me and my better half


This Nebulizer reduced my Inhalation time from 2.5 hrs to approx. 45 minutes ( twice a day) WOW!

I think it’s OK. I wish I would get quicker results. I will continue to use it and see if I get the results I’m looking for.

Pari proneb

Very efficient. Less time spent using. Easy to care for.

Excellent product, easy to use and very fast for nebulizations.

long term heavy usage

I needed a replacement compressor for hypertonic saline nebulization twice daily as my previous one was 2+ years old and was taking longer and longer to deliver the hypertonic saline. I was looking for a Pari Vios Pro nebulizer and ordered it from Health Connection. I received a call from Health Connection that they were replacing it with a Pari PRONEB Max and wanted my approval. There was no specific explanation as to why but I presumed it the Pari Vios Pro was no longer being made. I looked up the Pari PRONEB Max and it seemed comparable and I think Pari is optimal nebulizing company so I agreed. I've been using it just shy of a month and it definitely is faster and does the job. It is more compact than my previous compressor making it easier for me to take when I travel. By reputation, it is for heavy usage which is what I need and no complaints. I am hopeful that I will get longer usage out of the Pari PRONEB Max. I have been using the Pari LC Sprint for several years and it is clearly the best for me so this seems like a very good purchase as it came with two additional ones.

Great and powerful nebulizer.


We love it, it is so easy to use, and very powerful, and allows us to finish within 10 minutes, better than any nebulizer we’ve ever had.

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does great job

I have severe COPD and have been restricted to home because of the inability to always have electricity handy for my nebulizer. Some of my meds have steroids so I could not use a mesh nebulizer. This machine has a powerful compressor, every bit as strong as my home nebulizer. The carry pouch with it's two compartments is very helpful. I can carry a whole day of meds and fittings with ease. This complete unit, battery and all, weighs half of what my home neb weighs.
This gives me freedom again, at least a bit more freedom, at a reasonable cost.

Nebulizer works great; the delivery was awesome! So fast!

Not very adjustable

Very effective

Very effective

OxyPlus Large Mask with Dual Ear Elastics - OP-1425-8

Filters for PARI Proneb Max (2 per pack)

X large

X large mask is a great fit and I use it only at night. I've used it for 5 months with cleaning it daily with antibacterial wipes and still using it. Definitely better for night use. I use oxy headset for day along with canulas. Thanks for a better use for a oxygen user.

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Vacurect 1002 OTC VED Deluxe Pump