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Upgrade to Shorten Time Spent Doing Nebulizer Treatment

Decided to upgrade my wife's nebulizer machine since the old machine took 2 + hrs for each treatment; 4 + hrs per day. The new Pari PRONeb Max Nebulizer for Heavy Usage - LC Plus has cut her treatment time to 30 minutes per session. A big improvement in time savings. The Pari POR Nev Max is a good machine.

what can I say

after struggling with ed for several years and my Willie giving out on me during ....after prostate removal I took a gamble on this .....worth three times the price recommend ....not to mention my wife appreciates it too

Portable Nebulizer

Love my portable nebulizer!

Great product!

This is for my husband’s use and it really helped him.


I have used my PARI NEBULULIZER and equipment for many years and fully rely on its excellence and dependability.

Freedom Alert Replacement Pendant Batteries

Great mask but hard to find


Been looking for this battery for my Devilbiss

Reliable, Effective, Easy to Use

Over the past 5 years I've noticed that my ability to maintain erections have become less and less reliable, and I'm sure it is related to the common issue of "venous leakage". Three years ago I had radiation therapy for Prostate cancer, and I sure that has contributed to the leakage issue.
I researched the various ED pumps on the market, and ended up purchasing the Vacurect (Deluxe) model. After a little practice, I've found this ED pump to be very easy to use. Use PLENTY of lube to assist your penis in easily sliding in AND out of the pump. (Just DON'T have lube on your hands while pumping, or you'll be fumbling with the pump!) You'll quickly learn what tension-ring size works best for you (based on your penis girth measurement and degree of venous leakage).
I'm able to achieve an erection in a short a period of time (1 - 2 minutes)- so it's great for spontaneity! I'm also very pleased to say that that the erections that I'm able to achieve with the use of this pump are: longer, much girthier and firmer than I can ever remember- and I know my wife enjoys the size/firmness improvement! Most importantly- it's good to know that you'll maintain your erection until you've reached orgasm- hell, even after orgasm if you leave the tension ring in place (but don't for too long!)
The only downside of the current design of the tension-rings is that they will probably obstruct the (very pleasurable sensation you experience) passage of semen at time of ejaculation. For guys that still have a fully functioning prostate- this might be and issue/downside, as the vast majority of your semen volume comes from the prostate. For men who have had their prostate surgically removed or undergone radiation treatment for prostate cancer- this isn't really an issue, as they (unfortunately) experience "dry orgasms"- where very little semen is ejaculated.
The only improvement to this pump system would be to offer it two sizes: current, and a larger circumference size. I consider myself "average" in girth, but I do struggle (just a little) pulling my erect penis out of the pump: For guys that are truely "girthy"- they may not be able to fit in the current-sized pump! 🥴

The best pump !

The Vacurect pump is the best pump This is my second one that I purchased, for a backup.I had a prostatectomy four years ago and am still getting better! With this pump sex is always available. I have reached a point where I don't even use the pump! The wife could not be happier! Make sure you buy the right ring size and they do stretch out after time so replace when needed.

Fantastic device

Easy to use. Works well.

Ordered from you 2 times. Same day order filled and sent. Very on top of your business. Thank you.

Dishwasher Safe

This product is not dishwasher safe.


D Size Oxygen Cylinder Backpack 26N


These are excellent, perfect !! Exactly what I need, no more no less. I’ve been using these for years. Easy to fresh up and reuse.

Best nebulizer

Worth the extra money for the speed of delivery and the smaller size particles that go deeper in the lung providing better distribution of medication and quicker results

Park Vios Pro Nebulizer

Excellent product. Compact, quality unit that performs as advertised. Ordered on Saturday and received on Monday. Would highly recommend this for future purchases.

Fanny Pack



It’s ok I don’t know what to expect

I bought the nebulizer for my son
He said that it helps him breathe better than the old machine that he had.

Best option out there!

I love it!!! My oxygen levels have increased & nothing touches my face. I have had mine for a year & the only complaint is the headset/arm connection gets a little loose. I’m allergic to all the cannulas so this has been a life changer.

Vacurect Tension Ring Replacement