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OxyArm - OA-PLUS-1125-8

OxyArm - OA-PLUS-1125-8

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OxyArm Adjustable Head Band with Diffuser Arm with 7 Foot Tubing - OA-PLUS-1125-8

Delivering Freedom without the discomfort of a standard cannula. Just think no more irritation around your nose, ears, and cheeks! Introducing the OxyArm by: Southmedic, Inc. Torch like, (vortex like) generated inside a diffuser cup will deliver predictable flow patterns. This is an amazing alternative to standard cannula. The telephone like headset combined with the OxyArm Oxy-Duffuser is designed to extend to the front of the face and delivers oxygen with no physical contact with the ears, nose or cheeks. The head-Band can adapt for left or right sided positioning. It is adjustable to the user's needs with a wire insert to maintain the shape the user sets. It has an appealing design that is lightweight, odorless, and is Latex Free. The OxyArm Disposable 'Oxy-Diffuser Arm' works with oxygen flow settings from 1 LPM through 15 LPM. Can be used with all types of concentrators and constant flow portable oxygen devises. Designed for both nose & mouth breathers. The OxyArm Disposable 'Oxy-Diffuser Arm' is not compatible with any Conserving Device.

OxyArm's logical advantages:

  • Unique oxygen delivery device with minimal contact and no facial contact
  • Ideal for burn units, trauma centers and homecare
  • Delivers 24% to 50% oxygen on flows from 1 to 15+ litres per minute - flush
  • Designed for both nose and mouth breathers
  • Two designs available; disposable and adjustable
  • Adapts for left or right sided positioning
  • Does not contain natural rubber latex
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Item : OA-PLUS-1125-8


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Best option out there!

I love it!!! My oxygen levels have increased & nothing touches my face. I have had mine for a year & the only complaint is the headset/arm connection gets a little loose. I’m allergic to all the cannulas so this has been a life changer.

Wendall Pixley

This is an excellent product. One problem: this site does not sell the needed replacement parts.

Gordon Crase
Needs some engineering

Wonderful source of my oxygen supply no nose cannula no bloody nose no snotty nose anymore. The diffuser get me my oxygen when I talk walk nap. If they could make different sizes.If you don't hold lead behind headset wants to divert from where was placed. If engineered better would take all business from cannula makers thats just how good this product can be. I'll work through the flaws pay a premium price until then. Can't live without them.

Connie Larson

Not very adjustable

Gordon Crase
Long life

Bought March 2023 and discarded August 2023. The foam pads fall off but still good to use. The 7 foot line where it's handled get some discoloring 5 month run was worth the money. Wipe diffuser and head set down everyday with antibacterial wipes. Good to go.