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CPAP Hose Management Kit

CPAP Hose Management Kit

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Tender Tubing Color

CPAP Hose Management Kit

Being a CPAP user just got a whole lot easier with this clever hose management kit. The kit consists of:
a) a SkyHook stainless steel hose bracket with a see-through acrylic wall sconce
b) a Tender Tubing hose cover that is reversible (plush fleece/smooth polyester in either blue, black, or beige), and
c) a set of RingMaster hose control loops with swivel bedding clips.

SkyHook enables free movement in bed by keeping the hose up, out of the way and free of restrictions. It is easily stored and out of sight during daytime. The comfy-cozy Tender Tubing cuts tubing noise, combats condensation and is machine washable. The full length zipper lets you insert the hose in a snap, or remove it just as quickly to wash. The swivel clip on the RingMaster straps helps to keep the hose positioned so that it does not tug on your mask when you change positions during sleep. This nifty kit can mean you spend your time sleeping and not wrangling your CPAP hose.

  • SkyHook
    • Keeps CPAP hose overhead and out of the way
    • Swivels to enable free movement during sleep
    • Easily removed to store out of sight
  • Tender Tubing (CPAP tubing soft cover)
    • Plush fleece side is soft to the touch
    • Smooth polyester side cuts bedding drag
    • Reduces noise and hose condensation
    • Full length zipper for struggle free hose insertion
    • Hypo-allergenic and machine washable
  • RingMaster
    • Hook & loop strap to accommodate any CPAP hose
    • Swivel clip helps prevent mask tug when changing sleep positions
    • Clip attaches easily to PJs, sheets, blankets, or pillows

  • SkyHook
    • Wall sconce: Acrylic, clear, polished
    • Bracket: 18-8 stainless steel with gray vinyl tip cap
  • Tender Tubing (CPAP tubing soft cover)
    • Polyester
    • Anti-pill fleece
    • Nylon zipper with stainless steel pull
  • RingMaster
    • Strap: Polyethylene hook and nylon loop
    • Swivel clip: Carbon steel, nickel plated
Dimensions 11.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"
Net Weight 0.82 lb (13 oz)
Item# 2450CPAP
Hose Management Kit with Blue Tender Tubing

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Hose Management Kit with Black Tender Tubing

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Hose Management Kit with Beige Tender Tubing
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