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Disposable Nebulizer Kit with Pediatric Mask

Disposable Nebulizer Kit with Pediatric Mask

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Nebulizer Kit with Pediatric Mask

Complete nebulizer kit with pediatric mask.

This kit can be used with any standard compressor nebulizer machine.

The package includes:
1 - Disposable Nebulizer Cup
1 - Pediatric Mask
1 - Tubing (2 meters)

Disposable nebulizers are intended to be used for about two to four weeks (30 days max) and then replaced. The medication cup or nebulizer cup is what needs to be replaced, as over time, the venturi hole in the lower half of the nebulizer cup will become enlarged and cause the device to become less efficient.

The mask and tubing can continue to be used provided they are still flexible.

Cleaning of Nebulizers:
After each use unscrew nebulizer into three parts, wash in warm soapy water and rise well.
Remove excess water using a paper towel and leave in a clean area to air dry.

Cleaning Accessories:
After each use rinse and dry mouth piece.
Never immerse tubing in water. Single patient use.

If you require a replacement disposable kit without a mask you can find that item at this link.

If you are looking for a "Long Term" Reusable Nebulizer kit you can find it at this link.
Long Term nebulizers can be used for up to 6 months before replacement is necessary.

Item - NEB KIT 700


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