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Freedom Alert System Version F7

Freedom Alert System Version F7

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Freedom Alert Version F7

Emergency Alert Phone 2 Way Voice Pendant by LogicMark


Important Notice to buyers: Purchasing this item from anyone other than an authorized dealer will result in loss of factory warranty and support. These devices are serial numbered.

Attention shoppers:
If you purchase from these sellers be advised that the factory warranty / support does not apply. Only purchase from authorized resellers to receive the latest software version and full factory warranty.

What is new with the F7?

  • Redesign of the base pendant battery charger. The spring is now the point that charges the battery instead of the metal plate below the pendant battery . This will help to resolve battery charging issues.
  • New Remote 911 feature. This feature allows the receiver of the call to press 911 on their phone and the unit will hang up and dial 911 from the location of the call. This saves valuable time because 911 will automatically have the location of the call and that information will not have to be relayed to 911 from a third party. This is a life saving feature.

Freedom Alert allows you to communicate your message instantly and efficiently from within hundreds of feet of the base station. This system will cover the average American home and into the front, back and side yards. Because you are speaking through your pendant, Freedom Alert allows you to communicate from every corner of your home, outside in the yard and in the driveway.

Contact your family, friends or 911 at the push of a button when you need help. The New "DECT" system has a range of several hundred feet giving you protection anywhere in and around your home and yard. Best of all you talk and listen through a VERY small pendant. You can even take it into the shower with you for total peace of mind.

No Set-up Fee!

No - Monthly Fees!

No - Activation Fees!

Enjoy the Freedom Of Independent Living

with your life alert emergency pendant phone

Traveling? Take it with you. It plugs into any standard phone line in North America. So, if you are spending time with family, visiting a friend, or going on vacation just bring your system along, plug it into any standard phone jack ... and you are protected!

The New and Improved Version F7 now lets you Answer Incoming Calls from the Pendant. No other personal emergency response device has this feature!

Freedom Alert can be set to operate to:

1. Call up to 4 individual phone numbers.

2. Call up to 4 individual phone numbers & 911

3. Call just 911 emergency operator.

Very simple to set-up. Just plug in the phone cord and power cord, then input up to 4 contact numbers using your touch-tone phone. It's that easy!

The pendant can be carried by:

1. Using a Lanyard around the neck.

2. Using a Belt Clip.

3. Using a Wrist Strap holder.

All three are included with the package!

The system comes complete with standby emergency battery power. The 4 rechargeable batteries continually provide up to 24 hours of standby power in the event of a power outage.

The pendant comes with two rechargeable batteries that can provide several hours of talk time on a full charge, or last several months in stand-by.

Multiple pendants and Wall Communicators can be used with one base station! The Freedom Alert can operate up to 4 pendants using only one base station - Ideal for couples, or for assisted living communities.
Order additional pendants here.
Optional Wall Communicator.
Freedom Alert works with VoIP & DSL Phone Systems

Provides 24/7 protection for total independence.

Package includes everything you need for a total protection system including all batteries.

Warranty: 1 year on base and pendant.

Nothing else to purchase.

No shipping charge! - Including Alaska and Hawaii!

"Certain counties and states authorize personnel to break down doors in the event of an emergency, damaging your property. Others prohibit personnel from entering if they do not have access, therefore they are unable to assist in a timely manner - Protect not only yourself but your property by using our Lock Box / KeySafe. Click to view"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Peace of mind

I got this for my elderly parent who had experienced several falls. I wanted something that did not have a monthly contract. This product was perfect. It was so easy to set up and program with 4 numbers. It literally only took about 5 minutes to set up. It works great!

Mark Washeleski
Freedom Alert V7 and No Monthly Fees

I'm a volunteer, helping Senior stay in their homes.
This product is ideal for Seniors with low income. There's no need to pay for month charges.
I purchase all my units from Health Connection. Good support and you're guaranteed to get latest version V7 (which you want to have).

Quality Assessment

The product is exactly as describe in marketing information: compact, three options for wear/use, and complete with all materials needed for use. The quality seems of high standard. Delivery date was exact!
Additionally, the customer service representative was excellent! He was quite patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. To date, after one week, we are most satisfied.

mimi weitz
A big new star in my life

I have fallen several times in the past few months. All the falls have been in my home. My brother and daughter both encouraged me to get an alarm. The best alarm system that I have ever seen was the Freedom Alert. No monthly charges and I can take the unit when I travel. I accidentally pushed the button this afternoon and it took maybe five seconds for emergency response to answer me and I explained that I pushed it by accident. They made sure I was ok before hanging up. Great system.

A Smith
Freedom Alert System V F7

Extremely fast delivery and received as described. Thanks