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Nebulizer Tidy Tubing Kit

Nebulizer Tidy Tubing Kit

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Nebulizer tidy tubing kit

The Neb Tidy Tubing Kit includes a coiled air supply line, a high efficiency nebulizer, a universal T, mouthpiece, and 6 inch reservoir tube. Compatible with most compressor nebulizer systems.

Tidy Tubing is a 7 inch air supply coil that replaces 7 foot of tangled
tubing. It is self-storing and
self-retracts after use. Color coded
ends for easy installation. The end with
the blue colored grip fastens onto the air-inlet connector that is at the
bottom of the jet nebulizer cup. The end
with the orange colored grip is attached onto the air outlet connector of the
compressor. Compatible with most
compressor nebulizer systems.


  • Nebulizes in upright position or angles up to 45 degrees
  • Low residual volume (0.7cc)
  • Produces an aerosol with an MMAD of 2.7 microns
  • Leak-proof secure seal with a 1/4 turn assembly design

Item: 2520-1


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