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OptiChamber Diamond Anti-Static Valved holding chamber

OptiChamber Diamond Anti-Static Valved holding chamber

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Philips Respironics OptiChamber Anti-Static Valved Diamond Holding Chamber

    Respironics OptiChamber Diamond Valved Holding Chamber is compact in size and specially engineered shape make it easy for active asthma patients to get improved drug delivery without having to carry a bulky valved holding chamber. This valved holding chamber is one the best available on the market and delivers aerosol medications effectively.
      • Successor to OptiChamber Advantage with many design improvements
      • Compatible with all commonly used MDI inhalers
      • Helps you get the most out of your MDI treatment
      • Anti-static chamber prevents medication from sticking to its sides so you get more medication with each breath
      The OptiChamber Diamond is an improved model to get the most out of your MDI treatment:
      • Stepped mouthpiece that helps children transition from a facemask to a mouthpiece,
      • a low flow inspiratory valve that lets you more easily breathe through the chamber and improve medication deposition,
      • an expiratory valve is on the top of the MDI spacer to give you visual feedback of exhalation so that you can confirm breath counting and breath holding maneuvers.

      And just like the previous model, the OptiChamber Diamond features a chamber made of anti-static material that will not cause the aerosol to stick to its sides. This gives more time to inhale so you get more of the medication with each breath. The MDI adapter on this valved holding chamber is also flexible so it can accommodate all of the most commonly used MDIs. To make sure you are inhaling at the right pace, the OptiChamber Diamond features a high-flow whistle that only sounds when you are inhaling too quickly. This helps to improve inhalation technique so you get the most out of your MDI.

      For easy cleaning, the OptiChamber Diamond has a flat bottom that lets it rest comfortably on a flat surface. Plus, the entire MDI spacer disassembles into 3 separate parts so you can more easily clean its interior. And to help keep the inner chamber clean when not in use, the OptiChamber Diamond features a tethered cap to prevent germs from entering.

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      Excellent product

      I was very impressed with the quality of this holding chamber. It is easy to use. It is very easy to clean. The product arrived quickly with excellent instructions for care and cleaning

      Fast Shipment at a great price!

      We were very pleased with our purchase and the service provided by your representative who handled our phone order. We will definitely order from you again. Thanks!

      Henrietta Scott

      Good service and product

      Katherine Rose

      I am so happy I purchased a new inhaler. It is so much better than my last one and pretty to boot. I will not hesitate to order a new one from Health Connection in the future and I will look to them for other needs as well. I highly recommend Health Connection.

      Awesome OptiChamber holding chamber

      Will definitely be ordering from this wonderful company again. Order was correct, on time and staff every helpful. Thank you so much.