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Pari Respiratory Equipment

Pari PRONeb Max Nebulizer for Heavy Usage - LC Sprint

Pari PRONeb Max Nebulizer for Heavy Usage - LC Sprint

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PARI PRONEB MaxNebulizer System for Heavy Usage with LC Sprint Nebulizers
Pari Proneb Max Aerosol Delivery System is the upgraded model from Pari Vios Pro. Pari Vios  Pro is no longer available. It has been replaced with ProNeb Max Nebulizer which is identical to Vios Pro in terms of pressure, function, performance, and heavy usage. 

Pari Proneb Max Aerosol Delivery System features a powerful and durable 1.6 bar compressor that delivers the highest pressure output. It is paired with clinically proven nebulizers which is designed for patients who needs a reliable and durable compressor nebulizer system for frequent aerosol treatments. The system provides a relatively quick treatment with incredible effectiveness that comes in an easy to use and easy to clean package.

Package Includes:

  • PARI reusable nebulizer
  • Backup reusable nebulizer
  • Proneb Max Compressor
  • Wing Tip tubing


  • Quieter
  • Sleek new design
  • Ability to handle multiple treatments per day
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • Fast treatments allow patients to spend less time on aerosol therapy helping to improve their quality of life
  • Available with the clinically proven PARI LC Plus or LC Sprint nebulizers
  • Powerful 1.6 bar compressor withstands repeated use for heavy use patients
  • For single patient use (one person) only

When to use Proneb Max Nebulizer?
The PARI PRONEB max is a tabletop, AC-powered air compressor intended to provide a source of compressed air for use with jet nebulizers with patients for whom doctors have prescribed medication for nebulization. It is intended for adult and pediatric patients 2 years and older, and may be used in hospitals, hospital-type facilities, nursing homes, sub-acute institutions and home environments.

When to use Pari LC Sprint Nebulizer?
The LC Sprint is a handheld nebulizer, designed to aerosolize medication approved for nebulization and prescribed by a physician. The LC Sprint is intended for adult and pediatric patients consistent with the indications for the aerosol medication.

When to use Pari LC Plus Nebulizer?
The PARI LCPLUS reusable nebulizer is used to deliver aerosolized medication to the lungs. This nebulizer is used with patients for whom a physician has prescribed medication for aerosol treatments in the home, doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic.

Note: When switch is in the “off” position and the compressor is not running, there will still be electrical potential inside the compressor housing. To remove power from the compressor, the power plug must be removed from the power source.

Replacement filters sold separately - Click here to order.

Item: 130F35-LCS

Pari instructional videos are available online at


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Customer Reviews

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Ronald Graczyk

Pari PRONeb Max Nebulizer for Heavy Usage - LC Sprint

Sue Bondurant

It has been a lifesaver! so easy to use and easy to clean.

E. Anne Riley


Paul Stephens

It is not as quiet as I expected, otherwise it seems to be ok.

Roger Oetken

Pari PRONeb Max Nebulizer for Heavy Usage - LC Sprint