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Pari Respiratory Equipment

Pari Trek S Carrying Case

Pari Trek S Carrying Case

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Pari Trek S Carrying Case

The Pari Trek S portable compressor nebulizer offers you complete portability, so make sure that you have all of your accessories in one place and ready to go with this handy carrying case.

This Carrying Case - Shoulder Bag provides ample interior space to pack your compressor and rechargeable battery pack, along with the AC and DC power cord as well as your LC Sprint and tubing.

An adjustable strap is attached for using it as a shoulder bag.

The manufacturer has changed the design of this carrying case. The photo shown is the new style that is currently being supplied with all Pari Trek S packages.

If you're looking for the original replacement carrying bag for your Pari Trek S, this it it!

Item 047F3000 Pari Trek S Bag


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