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Pari Respiratory Equipment

Pari Trek S Portable Nebulizer With Battery

Pari Trek S Portable Nebulizer With Battery

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PARI TREK S Portable Nebulizer With Battery

Pari Trek S Portable Nebulizer with Battery is a complete package including Battery Pack, DC Auto Adapter, Carrying Case, etc...

For Children and Adults needing respiratory inhaled medications.

The PARI TREK S is for active patients who want to take their breathing treatments anywhere and everywhere. This compressor is small and lightweight, yet powerful.

The Pari Trek S Combo package is the best value for your investment. This machine is very dependable and the manufacturer stands solidly behind the quality of this unit.

Take your treatments wherever life takes you with the Pari Trek S compact compressor.

With its lightweight design, multi-voltage AC Adapter, and handy carrying case, you can take the Pari Trek S with you wherever you go.

Now you have the freedom to take breathing treatments away from home, in the car or around the world.

Now includes an Extra LC Sprint Reusable Nebulizer!


Small and lightweight, the Pari Trek S compressor weights 12.8 oz. while the Battery Pack weights 5.6 oz. The total combined weight of the Pari Trek S with Battery Pack is only 18.4 oz.!

Package Includes:

Item: 047F35-LCS


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Fantastic device

Easy to use. Works well.

Nancy Weaver
Have not used as of 12/27/23

Have not used as of 12/27/23

Chadwick Walters

Pari Trek S Portable Nebulizer With Battery

Going to School

My son is sick he gets asthma and when he's sick its nasty. Takes weeks for him to recover. I have been taking his old nebulizer machine to school for the past week. It is very time consuming, and tiring getting ready. The Pari Trek S combo with battery came in on a Saturday. Battery was dead and had to be charged before use. Took 4 hours to fully charge and for the lights to be steady. We started his1st. Treatment at 6:30pm. All the parts needed was included! 1-Tubing, 2-Nebulizer mouth piece, 1-Nebulizer Machine 1-battery, 1-lighter adapter 1-plug in. And a carry bag. You can get everything in the bag except 1- mouth piece nebulizer. It'll be a tight fit. In the bag i also added 4-Albuterol and 2- Budesonide capsules treatments. Included the Dr. Prescriptions paper. So im able to medicate my son while at school. Back to our 1st treatment. It was so easy to put this together. My son was Nebulizing in less than a minute! I gave 1-Albuterol & 1- Budesonide Now that it's battery operated i was able to give his meds at 10:30 p.m. 1-Albuterol. In his bed. He was all smiles. It was really awesome, coz he usualy gets fussy and cry getting him off the bed to a chair. Were into the treatments now for 4 days, today is Tuesday. Before running out of battery we Nebulized 4 Albuterol and 2 Budesonide. The last remaing indicator was surprising, and lasted the longest. This little machine is a beast and not saying this lightly! I'm on the second day at school only 1- Albuterol treatment at 10:30 a.m. it has given me hassel free freedom. Not having to lug around a huge machine and its accessories was totally worth purchasing. Almost forgot to mention, its also supper quiet. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be mobile! I'll be buying another for backup. Have a wonderful day and Happy Nebulizing!


Great customer service, good delivery time and great product