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Pari VORTEX Chleo Ladybug Child Mask Ages 1 to 2

Pari VORTEX Chleo Ladybug Child Mask Ages 1 to 2

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Pari Chleo Ladybug Child Mask for Ages 1 to 2 used with VORTEX Holding Chamber

The new Chleo Ladybug mask replaces the Pari Baby Whirl mask.

Using a VORTEX holding chamber (spacer) and child mask with an inhaler can help deliver more medication to the lungs, and dramatically decrease the amount of medicine deposited in the back of the mouth and the tongue. A spacer holds the medicine in a chamber after it has been released from the inhaler, allowing the child to inhale slowly and deeply.

The VORTEX and child mask is recommended for any child who has difficulty squeezing the canister and inhaling at the right time (particularly children less than five to six years).

When using a face mask, it is important to hold the mask snugly against the child's face. Even a small leak can significantly reduce the amount of medication that reaches the lungs.

The VORTEX holding chamber shown in the photo is sold separately.

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