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Pari Respiratory Equipment

Pari VORTEX Holding Chamber with Felix Frog Mask

Pari VORTEX Holding Chamber with Felix Frog Mask

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Pari VORETX Holding Chamber with Felix Frog Mask for Ages 3 and up

The Pari VORTEX is the first non-electrostatic valved holding chamber, featuring an anodized aluminum holding chamber that has NO electrostatic charge. Great for children with asthma who use a metered dose inhaler.

Why should you care about static?

Because electrostatic charge dramatically influences the amount of medication available for inhalation. Conventional plastic holding chambers retain a constant electrostatic charge that attracts and traps aerosol particles onto the wall of the chamber, reducing the amount of medication available for inhalation.

The non-electrostatic chamber of the Pari VORTEX™ ensures that patients receive a more consistent medication dose. The Pari VORTEX features a unique cyclonic inspiratory flow pattern, which further enhances aerosol delivery for patients with low tidal volume. This means more aerosol particles stay in suspension and are available for inhalation.

Features of the VORTEX™

  • Non Electrostatic metal chamber
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Cyclonic Inspiratory Flow Pattern
  • Latex-Free
  • Fits ALL Major brand MDI's
Package includes the Pari VORTEX™ holding chamber and Felix Frog™ mask for children ages 3 and up.

Item - 051F5200

Package contains 1 each p/n-051F5000 Vortex Chamber and p/n-044F5210 Felix Frog Child Mask Ages 3+


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Mom of small child with asthma
Works well for a small child

After years of using the nebulizers, I was worried about moving my son to an inhaler. With this, I know he is actually getting his medicine. He wants to see the frog before each use.