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Rechargeable Battery for Devilbiss 6910P and 6910D Nebulizers

Rechargeable Battery for Devilbiss 6910P and 6910D Nebulizers

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DeVilbiss Rechargable Battery for 6910P-DR and 6910D-DR

Replacement Lithium Ion battery pack for the DeVilbiss 6910D-DR and 6910P-DR portable compressor nebulizers. The battery pack provides backup power for Asthma treatments, COPD treatments and other respiratory breathing treatments when there is no AC Power.

Using the Battery Pack:
Your Portable Compressor Nebulizer can operate with the use of a rechargeable battery when AC power is not available. The battery has a warranty of 1 year. Battery life will vary depending on usage, storage, and charging conditions.

Proper Care for the Rechargeable Battery

  1. The battery should always be stored FULLY CHARGED in a cool dry place.
  2. Charge the battery continually to maintain maximum battery capacity.
  3. If unit is not in use for extended periods, the battery should be recharged a minimum of every 3 months. It may take up to 3 charge/discharge/recharge cycles to return the battery to maximum capacity.

Note: When unit is not in use, disconnect battery from main unit to preserve the life of the rechargeable battery. If the battery goes for an extended period of time without recharging, the rechargeable battery will slowly discharge.

Using the battery for treatment

The rechargeable battery can provide two treatments of about 20 minutes each.

  1. Remove the battery cover on the end of the device if attached.
  2. Insert the battery by matching one of the connectors of the battery into the groove on the side of the device. Push in
    until the second connector clicks into its groove. Installation is done.
  3. The power indicator light will display green when the unit is turned on.
  4. The battery status indicator light will illuminate red if battery voltage is low during operation with battery

Charging the Battery

  1. The battery indicator light will illuminate red if battery voltage is low during operation with battery.
  2. Recharge the battery by inserting plug of the either the AC or DC adapter into the power socket of the device while
    battery is installed. The charging time is 4-12 hours. The battery indicator light will illuminate orange during
    the charging operation and turn green when fully charged. Normal battery life is approximately 250 full
    charge/discharge cycles under normal conditions and if properly maintained.
Battery Status Indicator Light

Red - Low Battery. Recharge ASAP.

Green - Fully Charged Battery.

Orange - Battery Recharging.

Note: For a new rechargeable battery, the first charge will take at least 24 hours.
  1. Note - Battery will not charge while device is in use. Charging the battery
    continually between treatments is recommended.
  2. Caution - Make sure battery poles do not come in contact with keys, coins or
    other metal objects that can short circuit battery poles.

Item: 6910D-601


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Anthony Sucese

Been looking for this battery for my Devilbiss

Suzanne Garrison

same as above. will shop with your facility again when needed.

Richard Daugherty
Great help for me

Thanks so much for your services. I am pleased with all services and quick delivery.