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SkyAngel 911 with Fall Detection

SkyAngel 911 with Fall Detection

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SkyAngel 911 with Fall Detection

Help Wherever You Are and Whenever You Need It
No Landline Required!

  • No Contracts, No Agreements, No Fees
  • Call and Talk with a 911 operator even when you are outside of your home.
  • 1 button, discrete, small, portable
  • Simple 1 button press and reach 911

What makes SkyAngel with Fall Detection different?

Falls are the #1 cause of serious injury and death for senior adults.

Slipping on ice, falling getting into or out of the bathtub or shower, simply losing balance can cause serious harm. And if the individual has lost consciousness or cannot get to a phone, help can be hours away.

Now with automatic fall detection, seniors can have a greater sense of peace of mind and security than ever before! If unable to press the SOS button, the SkyAngel911FD will automatically call 911 and open up 2-wayvoice communication.

SkyAngelGPS is similar to an "OnStar for Senior Citizens". This premier GPS medical alert system provides freedom with security. With the touch of a button, you can talk with 911, anytime, from virtually anywhere. Other products like a traditional Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) only allows you to call for help within 150 to 600 feet away of a base station. Unlike a PERS, SkyAngelGPS works both indoors and outdoors to ensure anyone has peace of mind knowing that help is always available.

Powerful Features:


  • No landline required!
  • Works anywhere there is cellphone service
  • Simple 1-Button call for assistance
  • 2-way speakerphone communication
  • Small and lightweight. 2.4" tall by 1.5" wide. Total weight is 1.25 oz. Can be worn around the neck (cloth lanyard included) or carried in a pocket or purse
  • 100% waterproof - can be worn in the shower as well submerged under water
  • Low battery alerts
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent voice clarity!
  • Ideal for those who do not have a landline based home phone, are very mobile /active, have a large yard, etc.


* Great ergonomic design; Size of a small palm or a normal Key size.

* Battery is preinstalled

* Docking station for ease of charging


* 100% waterproof

A medical alert system that no senior citizen should be without. Some call this the "I have fallen and I cannot get up" device. Also known as a wireless emergency response system for your total safety at home.

Emergencies can happen anytime. Most senior citizens encounter life threatening accidents in the home. Having a medical alert system can help make independent living possible and lives loved ones the peace of mind associated with knowing that a personal emergency response system is in place.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephen Kokker
Offers what almost no other device on the market does!

I sifted for weeks and endless hours comparing the various 'monitored' and 'unmonitored' devices on the market, each promising to be the best there is, and each seemingly hiding some important fucntion it does not do. Futher, all sites seem to veyr heavily favour monitored devices (which require a monthly ubscription - for ovviously money-making reasons), however there are many insrtances in which a subscription (despite some obvious plusses in some instances) is totally uneccessary.
For those, Sky Alert 911 seems to be the absolutely only suitable device on the market, incredibly - that is not huge, is extrmely simple to operate, is not overly sensitive to be set off too easily, provides two way communication with 911, has fall detection AND has a GPS installed so 911 can locate the caller if speech is impossible.
And indeed, if speaking is impossible, then a monitored device might be equally useless - yes, monitored devices will have the caller's info and details on record (address, medical history...), however, you can also simply call your local police department to leave instructions for 911 (for example, that the spare house key is located where).
For the moment, I cannot see why my mother would need anything more and I am grateful that this company dared put out an article for sale and disregarded in this instance the temptation to do what everyone else does - force people to buy what they do not need just to make more money from them.
Very satisfied so far!

Don Ramm

It is truly a blessing!! Truly works outside the home

Mary Michele
Outstanding security for anyone

I love my Sky Angel 911 Alert Pendant. It's small, reliable and cost effective. Easy to recharge. NO monthly fees. Delivery (right before Christmas) was unbelievably fast (within 2 days). Great packaging and instructions. It's a wonderful gift for anyone who needs a bit of security either at home or out and about. Connects to a 911 dispatcher who will ask about the emergency (if there is any) and send help If requested. Can't go wrong with this gem. It really is a "Sky Angel"

Gail Anderson
Short time

So far so good, I accidentally pushed the button and didn’t realize it. I heard 911 operator. So... I know it works that is comforting. I’m glad I haven’t needed it. Glad to know it works as advertised and I feel safer having it.


Fantastic easy to use

My mother had put off purchasing a product such as this due to having to pay a monthly fee. I do not know how they are staying in business with your product out there. When I got here to see the device, I read the instructions and told my mother how to test the devidevice. It was so easy she thought she was missing something. So I had her test the device and she was thrilled as was I. A one time fee to purchase and that’s it made my siblings and my mother happy folks. Thank you. The southern group