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Station Master Oxygen Distribution System

Station Master Oxygen Distribution System

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Station Master Oxygen Distribution System

Imagine moving from room to room without "wrangling" a 50-foot tangle of oxygen tubing. Now you can once again move about your home with freedom and safety.

Despite significant advances in oxygen system sizes, portability and flexibility, O2 users at home still find themselves almost always tethered to a 50-foot oxygen tube. And make no mistake - it's not just a head-ache, it's a constant risk.

Now, there is Station Master - the first and only home oxygen distribution system that measurably improves quality of life by replacing the single oxygen outlet on a concentrator or liquid reservoir.

With 4 separate oxygen outlets located wherever

they're needed "Station Master" is the answer.

You can continue to use your current source of oxygen, be it a liquid reservoir or concentrator, and Station Master provides four oxygen outlets conveniently located throughout your home.

The Station Master was specifically created to avoid the constant headache, inconvenience and risk of:

  • Tripping or falling over lengths of oxygen tubing lying loose on the floor.
  • Accidentally interrupting the oxygen supply when tubing becomes tangled, crimped or caught on furniture.

Station Master means far more than just added safety and peace of mind for home oxygen users, it was developed to add important comfort and convenience to ongoing daily activities.

That means:

  • No more constantly tracking down kinks and tangles that impede movement or the full flow of the prescribed oxygen dosage.
  • No more trouble moving furniture that has snagged the oxygen tube and limited mobility.
  • No more worrying about pets who can be attracted to moving oxygen tubing, and claw at or chew on exposed sections, compromising its integrity.
  • No more long runs of loose tubing to pick up and trip over, making your home safer.

The Station Master Kit Includes:

  1. A central Flow Controller that is fed by the existing oxygen system (such as a concentrator or liquid reservoir).
  2. A 4 foot oxygen feed tube (connects to oxygen source).
  3. 3 Remote stations.
  4. 200 feet of permanent clear flexible oxygen piping, with triple the flow capacity of conventional tubing.
  5. Splicer for O2 piping (if needed).
  6. 100 hook-and-loop self stick oxygen piping hangers.
  7. 1 barbed brass coupler to adapt the remote end of a conventional nasal cannula.
  8. 1 conventional nasal cannula with 15 foot supply hose.

Simple to install - all that's needed for installation is a pair of common household scissors to cut the oxygen piping to length.

Station Master means ease of mobility for at-home oxygen users.

It's like getting your home life back!

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