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Tidy Tube Oxygen Tubing

Tidy Tube Oxygen Tubing

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Tidy Tube Retracting Oxygen Tubing

Tidy Tubing is the well mannered oxygen line that provides up to 15 feet of operating range and self- retracts to just 15 inches.

Tidy Tubing easily installs on an oxygen barb just like conventional oxygen tubing.

Each tube kit includes a swivel connector and clothing clip to eliminate strain.

It comes complete with a disposable 2 foot long soft nasal cannulathat connects to the clothing clip.

Tidy Tubing is available in a 5-inch coil - ideal for ambulatory systems such as tanks and portable concentrators, a 10-inch coil that is perfect for scooters and golf carts, and a 15-inch coil that enables free movement around the room.


  • Kink free & self retracting
  • Quiet, odorless, smooth bore
  • Long life - annual replacement recommended
  • Swivel connectors at each end
  • Clothing clip to eliminate strain
  • Includes 2' long Soft Nasal Cannula


Material: Medical grade polyurethane

Dimensions: 3/16" ID; 5/16" OD; 1/8" thick wall

Net Weight: All sizes less than 1 lb.

Three sizes to choose from:

Item: 1833 - 5 inch to 5 feet

Item: 1834 -10 inch to 10 feet

Item: 1835 -15 inch to 15 feet

This item is a Personal Hygiene item and non-returnable once the package has been opened. If you have any questions about the product, please call us before you order.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
coiled O2 tubing

works great! I don't get it hung up in my walker

Susan Horn
Coiled tubing

I love this tubing!! I recently got my portable oxygen unit and from day one, I knew there had to be a better option for all the dangling tubing so I googled 'oxygen tubing' and as soon as I came across an ad for Tidy Tube, i knew i found the right solution. Now i no longer have all the extra length of tubing getting in my wat, trailing the ground and getting caught on things.
Great product!!

Mildred Jeneski
At last!

Since finding this tubing, I have not been tripping over the tubing from my POC. I love it.

Deb Lundstrom
Perfect oxygen tubing!

My life is much easier since getting this spring-like tubing. I no longer worry about tripping or getting caught on handles. The clip makes this absolutely the easiest tubing to deal with. It totally impressed those in my pulmonary therapy group, so there might be a new bunch of orders coming to Health Connection! I'm grateful, thank you.

Denise McCarthy
A sometime solution

This product made huge sense to me but when I installed it, I realized that the coil would be resistant to stretching very far. I use it when i'm working at my desk but it's challenging to use if I want to put more distance between my tank and me, it only stretches about 3 feet without tipping the tank.

Health Connection Response:
Hello Ms. McCarthy,
We are sorry for any confusion but cou can always connect 1 more tubing to make it longer if needed. You can actually connect up to 3 of them together to go as far as 45 feet.