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Bonro Vacurect

Vacurect Tension Ring Set (5 Rings)

Vacurect Tension Ring Set (5 Rings)

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Vacurect Tension Ring Set (5 Rings)

This is a brand new pack of 5 Vacurect Tension Systems. The pack includes sizes #1(28 mm), #2(26 mm), #3(24 mm), #4(22 mm), and #5(20 mm). This is the same pack that comes with the OTC Custom Model 1002 Vacurect. Normal price for this pack would be $64.75 as each tension system costs $12.95. This is a special price that will only be available while supplies last. A savings of 38%.

As of February 2011 the manufacturer has changed the part number system for the replacement rings.

Below is a cross reference chart to help you order the correct ring size regardless whether you have the current system or an older unit.

NOTE: These are the same rings just new part numbers.

Simply cross reference your current ring number and order your size.

New Ring Size

Same as
Old Ring Size
L (Largest) #30
1 *
#28 *
2 *
#26 *
3 *
#24 *
4 *
#22 *
5 *
#20 *
6 #19





9 (Smallest)


Rings with * are included with the current Vacurect OTC package.

We offer individual Vacurect Tension Rings that can be purchased as replacements for the rings that came with your system.

We now stock ALL sizes of rings for your Vacurect Pump

Some important tips about using your Vacurect Tension Rings:

Do Not use silicone oil or petroleum based oil on the ring. It will greatly reduce the life of the ring.

Do Not use your ring longer then 30 minutes at one time.

We strongly recommend using Slippery Stuff as a personal lubricant with the Vacurect Rings.

Order replacement rings below by size. This number is imprinted on the Vacurect Tension Rings.

Click here to view all Vacurect packages and accessories.

Item - Vacurect Tension Ring Set


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Al Fiori

Send order back. Ordered wrong.

Jim Grimes
Best ring size

I have found that the #5 ring is the best for retaining/maintaining a satisfying erection.
Don't be overly concerned about it being too tight, this ring size will expand and not feel uncomfortable.
My wife is very satisfied with the results... ;))


The selection of rings is more than sufficient for the average man.

Kenneth Martinez

Packed well. Shipped fast. good customer service.

Jeff Backus

Works as advertised....extremely easy and convenient