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Bonro Vacurect

Vacurect Water Soluble Personal Lubricant - 100ml / 4 oz - Strawberry

Vacurect Water Soluble Personal Lubricant - 100ml / 4 oz - Strawberry

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Strawberry Flavored Water Soluble Personal Lubricant - 100ml / 4 oz tube

The recommended replacement gel for our Encore

and Vacurect Penis Pump Customers.

A wonderful gel to use with your penis pump for reduced friction during pumping. Also a great lubricant for both partners during intimate times. Strawberry flavor for more pleasure. Safe for Oral consumption. Water based, can be rinsed off easily. Safe for Use with Condoms.

Strawberry flavored Personal lubricant was developed for use in the medical community and is specifically designed to stay where you put it. For over two decades medical professionals, sex therapists and women's health professionals have recommended this lubricant to their patients, knowing it's a healthier choice of lubrication.

It is non-staining, strawberry fragrance, and dries clear and clean without leaving a sticky residue.
Helpful for Genital dryness. Eases lovemaking.

A GREAT Product for both Men and Women!


  • Glycerin and Oil-FREE
  • Eliminates dryness
  • Silky, safe, and long-lasting
  • Water based and water soluble
  • Non-toxic
  • ph-Balanced

Millions of people have problems with dryness at one time or another. It is a specialized personal lubricant used for easy penetration during intercourse. It eases lovemaking with your partner and enhances pleasure without any discomfort. The use of lubricant is an accepted way of dealing with personal problems arising from the natural ageing process. It offers relief from vaginal dryness caused by ageing , menopause, medical conditions, stress, fatigue, drugs, pregnancy, and childbirth, etc.
Recommended by doctors, gynaecologists, and therapsists.

Use Strawberry flavored Lubrincant to enhance the pleasure of human contact. It will make intimacy for you and your partner more natural - you won't be disappointed!

Item - Strawberry-Lubricant


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Don Roberts

Vacurect Water Soluble Personal Lubricant - 100ml / 4 oz - Strawberry

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